According to the study by the international consultancy Savills, among the 30 cities analysed, in the first half of this year, the value of rents in Lisbon rose 13.9%. And in June the increase amounted to 32.7%.

With this rise in premium house prices, the increase in rents in Lisbon, in the first half of the year, surpassed the values registered in cities such as Singapore (13.6%), where the second highest increase was registered, or Berlin (9.2%), with the third largest increase. And it is more than double the increase registered in cities like Dubai, where the increase was 5.4% between January and June of this year, or in Kuala Lumpur with a rise of 4.3%.

The international Savills study underlines that the Lisbon and Singapore rental markets “have seen significant levels of price growth over the last 18 months, with rents rising by more than 40%” as “there was greater demand for international tenants that drove the premium housing market”.

But the Financial Times, which wrote on the subject, points to another reason for the dizzying rise in rents in Lisbon. The newspaper says that this is the result of “imminent rent control policies, which led some landlords to preventively increase rents”. At issue is the 2% limit on updating the value of rents, instead of reflecting the value of inflation, in force since January of this year. For new leases, the 2% brake on updating will come into force with the More Housing diploma, vetoed this Monday by the President of the Republic but which the PS will approve again in Parliament.

Among the ten European cities analysed in the study, after Lisbon and Berlin, Amsterdam comes in eighth position, wherein the first half of this year rents rose by 3.3%, followed by Barcelona with an increase of 3% and Milan and Madrid with 2.9%.

In London and Rome, the half-year increase was 1.9% and in Athens, 1.8%. Paris was where the rise was less pronounced with 0.2%.