The Rock Pool Kids has two nocturnal sessions scheduled for the end the month of August: the 30th of August, Wednesday, at 7:45 pm, at Praia de Olhos de Água, and on the 31st of August, at 8pm, at Praia da Oura.

“This program, which started in April and is aimed at children between 5 and 15 years old (accompanied by an adult), allows the youngest to get to know the various species that inhabit the beaches and discover how to help in their habitat, since all marine animals are important for the balance of nature”, explains the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água in a statement.

Raising awareness for the protection of beaches is one of the main objectives of Rock Pool Kids, which takes little explorers to observe the intertidal zones (areas of the coast that are exposed during low tide, rock pools).

The night sessions allow children to enjoy the activity in a cooler environment, avoiding hours of intense heat and providing a different night, in close contact with nature and with beings that show themselves more easily in the setting sun.

According to Indaleta Cabrita, president of the Parish Council of Albufeira and Olhos de Água, the program has been a success and is the municipality's bet for the future, "since it is essential to show young people the importance of caring for the environment, more precisely fragile beings, but absolutely essential for the ecosystems that inhabit the beaches and maritime areas”.

Rock Pool Kids is a free programme organised by the Parish Council.

Those interested in participating in the evening sessions must register via email , sending the names and date of birth of the children, as well as the name and contact of the accompanying adult.