For those wondering what is Forró, is a type of popular music that expresses the genuine art of the northeastern regions of Brazil. Musician Pedro Pereira told The Portugal News that this music and dance has become super popular in Europe and it is a movement that is growing all over Portugal. It attracts beautiful energy and everyone who tried Forró falls in love with it because it makes people happy, bringing a sense of togetherness and connecting people with themselves. It is really special and a form of therapy.

Pedro added that “It is most popular in the North of Portugal, in Porto there is a big movement and of course in Lisbon as it is the cultural centre of Portugal. In Lisbon there are many gatherings in the streets and there have been lots of bands emerging.”

“Its popularity has also grown in the Algarve thanks to Brazilian dance teacher Juliana Braga, who participates in many Forró festivals and is now living in the Algarve running group classes. Juliana is a very special teacher, teaching life through dance and I mean when she teaches you dancing, she is giving you life metaphors, because she is talking about communication between people, using your inner power, letting go, self-awareness and confidence... and that you can use in your own life”

Pedro also explained that this Forró Pé de Palha event has only been made possible because of the collaboration with Salema ECO Camp. “This is the third (and last) Forró Pé de Palha of the year. Salema ECO Camp have been very supportive and so open with these kind of events and gatherings. They have given me the perfect conditions so that the event can happen.”

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“Salema ECO Camp is a really beautiful place and has a really special team, who have created a very magical place. They have a green living stage with the form of half a dome which is covered with natural living plants, a beautiful wooden bar, trees, with all the lights. Its just magical!”

This event will have music from the trio ‘Desabafo no Pé’ who are currently doing a European tour and they have passed through Lisbon and they are coming to the Algarve to perform. It is a band composed of three women from Brazil, Colombia and France. “The stories told by Desabafo no Pé though their music is meant to tell a different story, a more feminist one, and to let express yourself with the dance and forget the rest.”