“We have to 'deseucalypt' Portugal. We need to remove 700 thousand hectares of eucalyptus area in the country this decade”, read pamphlets that participants in the concentration, many of whom were leaders of environmental associations, were distributing to those who entered the Palácio de Cristal to visit the Book Fair of Porto, which started on August 25th and ends on September 10th.

Speaking to Lusa, the president of the Agir pelo Planeta Association admitted that he had taken advantage of the fact that the Book Fair was taking place to get his message across to more people, namely that “enough with eucalyptus trees and thinking about a single industry, or that is, on paper.”

“The country cannot be dedicated to cellulose, besides, eucalyptus is not as good a business as that,” said Manuel Reis.

Therefore, the leader considered it “urgent” to have a policy of reforestation of indigenous people in the north, centre and south of the country and to put more people to work in the environmental area.