In The Revenge John immerses fans in the company of familiar characters and a compelling new back-story for his beloved literary DCI. A combination which, as always, leaves fans transfixed and wanting more.

John Reid kindly shared the enthralling synopsis to The Revenge with The Portugal News, “DCI Steve Burt and his team have been asked to determine whether a serving RAF test pilot is a spy. If he is, then a kill order on him will be issued which a secret MI5 department will enforce. It is a heavy responsibility for DCI Burt. His findings could mean a man’s life. He has to be sure. As if this wasn’t enough, he is also given a murder case to investigate. An innocent man has served eight years in prison for something he didn’t do and having spent these years rubbing shoulders with criminals, he is now equipped to seek his REVENGE on the four men who framed him and killed his wife and son. Only their deaths will satisfy his need for REVENGE. Murder is top of his agenda and he is now a very determined potential killer. DCI Burt and his team are assigned a murder case which leaves them baffled, with no clue to who the killer is, or why the victims were targeted. With no forensics, no witnesses and a growing body count, The Revenge is one of Steve Burt’s most baffling cases.”

When asked how The Revenge compares to past novels in the series, John told The Portugal News that “Steve Burt has come a long way since his first outing in “The Forgotten Gun” His career continues on an upward path although he still has a reputation of not abiding by the rules and still puts his career on the line when he needs to solve his cases. Book 8 differs from the previous novels in as much as the reader is introduced to the murderer near the beginning. This is a change to the usual format of keeping the killer’s identity hidden until the last few chapters although it still involves several simultaneous plots and cases that keep the reader guessing.”

Outstanding Reviews

John has won over fans worldwide and the latest novel in series boasts wonderfully positive reviews, for example one reader called Marcia says “I am so obsessed with this series and every time a new one comes out, I have to read it. So, I was really looking forward to reading another instalment in the DCI Burt series. The way you fall into the story, it's easy to get swept away. It plays out like a TV series and the characters are so well created all of it has a realism to it. I've said this before but it's absolutely true! I was so hooked reading The Revenge, I was hoping for answers regarding Poppy - who is so sadly missed! I really enjoyed the way this story played out. I couldn't believe the twists and the dark operations. I loved our new criminal; Charlie. I was on tender hooks as to how his story was going to pan out and our new Sargent Si, was fun to read, I enjoyed how he was just there to get his early retirement until things perked up. I found myself engrossed in this novel and I couldn't put it down. I love this series and I highly recommend it.”

When it comes to the future of the beloved series, John confirmed that “Steve Burt has two further outings in book 9 – The Scottish Murder and book 10 – The Set Up. Both these take on a more national and international setting. Steve accepts a promotion in book 10 and this is the last DCI Steve Burt Novel in the present series. I have not killed him off so he may well come back sometime in the future. Publication of these last two novels will be in 2024.”

Lagos Book Fair

John Reid also revealed that he will be presenting at the Lagos Book Fair in the Algarve on the 22nd of September at 7pm with his friend and poet Barry Harris who will be presenting “As I Rhymember It!” by Finbar Hanaghan. In addition to this, John’s publishers will be hosting a few reading and signing events in Portugal during October and November.

The Revenge has been written so that readers new to DCI Steve Burt can read it as a stand alone. If you would like to obtain a copy of The Revenge or any other captivating reads by the author, please visit for more information or contact

Alternatively, you can order all DCI Steve Burt books through Amazon. Similarly, if you would like to purchase paper back versions in the Algarve, you can order them directly by emailing

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