“In Expat, I recounted our personal motivations and reasons for leaving the USA and emigrating to Iberia, where my partner and I divide our time between Portugal and Spain,” the author explains. “Along with lots of anecdotes and information, Spanish Towns, Portuguese Villages continues the story of our acclimation as ‘foreigners´ following the move and our five years of legal residency in Portugal.”

“Moving internationally is a series of experiences: physical, logistical, emotional, and mental,” he continues. “Although it’s not easy, you can make the transition if you truly want to—the two key resources are patience and persistence. You’re not going to find them in most tour guides or travel books … because learning to live abroad is experiential. You must partake and actively participate in the process.”

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The publisher of Portugal Living Magazine, Dr. Joffe has written eight books, feature magazine articles, newspaper byliners, and academic research. He and his partner, Russ, who designed the new book, have homes in Castelo Branco and Elvas, Portugal, as well as in Olvera, one of the “pueblos blancos” of Andalucía, Spain.

If you’re considering relocation to Portugal and/or Spain, this is the book that will prepare you with the nitty-gritty. And if you’re already living in Portugal or Spain, you’ll want to compare your life abroad with his.

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