The ban, which had been in force since the 6th, was lifted on Wednesday following instructions from the Regional Health Authority in light of the results of a new analysis of water quality, carried out by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).

According to the National Maritime Authority, instructions were also given to raise the green flag again on the beach.

The beaches of Algodio and Foz do Lizandro have been closed to swimming since the 6th, after water quality analyses carried out by APA revealed microbiological values above reference parameters.

In view of the results, the red flag was raised on these two beaches in the Lisbon district.

The ban on bathing at Algodio Beach was lifted on the 9th, as recommended by the Regional Health Authority after a new analysis of the water quality carried out by APA.

In a statement, the AMN clarified at the time that the APA reported that the result of the analysis indicated that the microbiological values “were within quality standards”.

At the beginning of August, Praia dos Pescadores, located next to the old town of Ericeira, in the district of Lisbon, was closed to swimming for four days for the same reasons.