The origin of this religious site is uncertain, although the year 1521 is referenced in an inscription within. Considered an important monument in Lagos municipality, specifically in Vila da Luz where it’s located, this church is notable for its gold-plated altarpiece, dated to the 18th century, on which the images of São Romão, Santo Estêvão and Our Lady of Light, its patron, are present.

The intervention is part of the municipality’s strategies to preserve its historical monuments, in this case religious. The Church of Saint Mary, in the Praça do Infante, was recently the target of conservation works and exterior maintenance through council support. The intention of rehabilitating the Church of Saint Sebastian, classified as a National Monument, is also on the table, with the municipality at the moment waiting for the passing of a tri-partisan protocol which will allow for the project to advance into planning stages and, later on, to construction.