It is the third office for the business. Its San Francisco headquarters and its London office, which was announced to open in June.

Three positions are currently open in the Dublin base: an international payroll specialist, a business role, and an Ireland policy and partnerships lead. However, according to OpenAI chief strategy officer Jason Kwon, the company plans to add more positions soon.

According to Kwon, the Dublin office won't serve as the company's European headquarters and won't have an executive managing it just yet.

As stated by Kwon, “We like to grow deliberately and not too quickly because we want to make sure that the company culture is first established in new offices before, we scale up.”

OpenAI is adopting a tried-and-true business model for American tech companies by setting up shop in Dublin. Ireland is a good place to interact with Europe from a regulatory and business development perspective, according to Kwon: “In addition to having access to a talent pool that is already familiar with the corporate cultures of organisations like Meta and Google.”

“Since OpenAI is not profitable, tax considerations had no impact on the choice.”

The second-fastest-growing app in history, after Meta's Threads, is OpenAI's ChatGPT. In Europe, where the firm's extensive data collection has drawn criticism from privacy watchdogs it has sparked both excitement and alarm, putting OpenAI in conflict with regulators.