This week the price of fuel rose again in Portugal. According to a report by ECO, compared to last week, fuel stations started charging 5.3 cents more per litre of simple diesel, the most used fuel in Portugal, and 0.2 cents less per litre of 95 petrol.

According to the average values charged at the pumps, released by the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG), consumers this week are paying around 1,805 euros per litre of simple diesel and 1,857 euros per litre of simple 95 petrol.

According to national average prices collected by DGEG, Portimão is the cheapest city to fill up a car with 95 petrol. This Monday, September 18, a litre cost 1.64 euros at the BP station, in Portimão. In the case of a litre of diesel, the cheapest price is at the BP pump, in Penafiel, Porto, where a litre of diesel costs 1.45 euros.