Happily feeding your adorable pet, at the table, with treats. Always questionable. But, food, that you eat is not necessarily a treat for your canine pal. Funnily enough, felines are more, predictably fussy. Doggies on the other hand, will cheerfully swallow, chew and if not regurgitated, whatever is put in one end, will inevitably come out of the other! That’s another mess you’ve got me in!

As a dog, may rightly, think. “Why are you poisoning me?” Or, “What did I do wrong?” Going off its food for some time, to try and figure out, what it should eat and shouldn’t. Appearing to be suddenly “fussy”. Sticking to the good and trusted advice of the doggy world, keep it simple keep it dog. Whether your choice and friendly friend works out safe, and un-harmful may take trial and error. A chicken vindaloo takeaway might not even go down well with some humans, let alone a woof! There are shelves full of appetising and safe snacketts for our poppets. If pal sniffs and looks interested you can try it out on a little human treat, but not all your leftovers at once! Remember dogs are carnivores!

Here are some dates for you to mark up in your diary. Events, not only to please, but to raise much-needed money for the charity world. Friday 22nd September 11am-4pm Bio Convento, Lagoa. APAA has a stall booked with golfing gear, gifts and yummy jammies, chutneys etc. The cafeteria is open for refreshments. Saturday, September 23rd APAA and Portimão’s Soup Kitchen present a Jazz afternoon from 3pm. 15€ admission and snacks. Music by ‘Loosewig’ at 90 Rua Alvaro de Ataide, Portimão. 5€ of which donation is split between the two charities. Aiming to give a pleasant change and atmosphere.

Wednesday 27th September 6.30pm Tex-Mex Taco Evening with Jesus and João super taco treats and sides at Jackie Billing’s (north of Portimão). Including desserts and drinks. 22,50€/25,00€ Members/Non Members. Booking essential!

Coming up soon ‘Pop-Up’ at ‘O Tasco’ Friday 6th October 11am-2pm. APAA’s favourite venue for all that is good. Clothing, jewellery, books and of course amazing friendly menu to choose from.

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Association for Protection of Animals Algarve are happy to give advice. Their motto ‘Here to Help’ and always practical helping hands when needed. Seems far off but ‘afpop’ and ‘BLiP’ will be back on 14/15th October! Community stands will be available, as will APAA to meet and greet new members and old friends alike.

Diary Events: events.apaaportugal@gmail.com

Advice/help: info.apaaportugal@gmail.com

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