"We are currently uploading some content with some animation so that this itinerary is not monotonous, but rather an interactive guide. I can say that this tourist itinerary will probably be presented by the end of October", said Alexandre Gaudêncio, the mayor or Ribeira Grande.

“Rabo de Peixe” is the second Portuguese fiction series produced for Netflix and was directed by Augusto Fraga and Patrícia Sequeira.

The series arrived on Netflix in May and "given the success it had and the media impact, mainly through the streaming platform, the municipality decided to work on a tourist itinerary so that the guide can also have an impact on the local economy", explained the mayor of Ribeira Grande.

The story of the series starts from a true event that occurred in 2001, when a sailboat sank with half a ton of cocaine on board, with much of the drug washing up on the coast near Rabo de Peixe, on the island of São Miguel.

From these facts, a fiction was constructed about four friends who, in possession of several kilos of drugs, aim to change their lives, and about a police investigation surrounding that wreck.

“Rabo de Peixe” was one of the ten winning projects in a script competition promoted by Netflix with the Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual.

In June, Netflix announced that the Portuguese series would have a second season.

According to the company, in the first two weeks of airing, “Rabo de Peixe” was in the global ‘top’ of the ten most watched series in languages other than English.