This milestone was reached on September 24th and represents a growth of 23% compared to the same period of the previous year.

TAP's first flight to North America was 54 years ago, in 1969, to JFK Airport, New York.

Currently, the company has routes from Lisbon and Porto to seven cities in the United States - New York, Newark, Boston, Washington, Chicago, San Francisco, and Miami - and to two in Canada: Toronto and Montreal.

In 2024, TAP will have the largest operation ever to North America, with 91 weekly flights.

Toronto and San Francisco will see an increase in frequencies, rising from 10 to 13 and from five to six, respectively.

TAP had also surpassed the milestone of one million passengers on routes to Brazil in July, which represented a growth of 30%.

Starting next month, TAP will increase flights to the 11 destinations it serves in Brazil to 81 weekly frequencies. A number that, in 2024, will rise to 91.