After leaving a meeting with the Minister of the Presidency and the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Sebastião Santana, explained to journalists that what the Government put on the table was “the transcription” of what is in this understanding, according to ECO.

“The proposal that the Government brings to the table today results from the agreement that we call impoverishment and that was signed with two other union structures. The Government proposes an increase in salary levels, which for most workers is around 52 euros", said the trade unionist, who considers that this increase falls "far short" of what is necessary to restore the purchasing power of State workers. “You will have to change this value if you want to reach any understanding during this negotiation with the Common Front”, he assured.

In October last year, the Government signed a multi-annual agreement with the Technical Staff Union (STE) and the Federation of Public Administration Unions (FESAP), which provides, in particular, increases of 52.11 euros in every year of the legislature (or 2% for salaries above 2,600 euros).