The proposal is contained in a motion in which the PAN argues that “housing is a fundamental social right”, presenting a set of 13 measures, one of which is the “temporary suspension of the sale of properties to natural or legal persons not resident in Portugal, with the exception of immigrants with residence permits”.

“Today we present a motion that reminds us that the right to housing is a fundamental right and that in present-day Portugal this is not happening”, declared António Morgado Valente, sole deputy of the PAN (People-Animals-Nature) party in the Assembly Lisbon Municipal Council (AML).

In the motion, PAN states that “the increase in tourism, gentrification, low wages in Portugal, real estate speculation and more recently the increase in Euribor have contributed to an escalation in property prices, making housing unaffordable for many people ”.


Regarding the temporary suspension of the sale of properties to non-residents in Portugal, IL deputy Angélique Da Teresa considered that this proposal “is completely unacceptable” and warned that “there should be no xenophobia in property”.

“Let’s stop ideological prejudices against each other and let’s increase the supply [of housing]”, defended the IL deputy.

From the PSD bench, Carlos Reis questioned the assembly board about the admissibility of this proposal, saying that it “is illegal” and suggesting that the PAN withdraw it.

“As a political will, it must be admitted”, pointed out CDS-PP deputy Margarida Penedo.

In response to the warnings, the PAN deputy said that, “for an exceptional situation, there needs to be exceptional measures”, indicating that Canada has taken steps in this direction and considering that this could help solve the problem of real estate speculation.