This month, Metropolitano de Lisboa began the process of expropriations and temporary occupations to complete the extension of the Red Line from São Sebastião to Alcântara, affecting “around 20 buildings”.

“In this phase, around 20 buildings are involved and all the requirements set out in the law were met. The residents/owners of the properties covered were informed, by letter, about the conditions proposed by Metropolitano de Lisboa and the respective timing of the process”, indicated the company.

As part of the project to extend the Red line from São Sebastião to Alcântara, on September 1st, Metropolitano began the process of expropriations, creation of administrative easements and temporary occupations and, at this moment, contacts are taking place between the company and all interested parties.

“In view of the need to occupy some buildings affected by the project, Metropolitano de Lisboa will compensate all interested parties, namely owners, tenants and companies”, said the public transport company.

Without indicating values, Metropolitano assured that the compensation will be “in accordance with what is stipulated by law and based on the value determined by independent evaluators appointed by the Lisbon Court of Appeal, giving priority to the conclusion of agreements with interested parties”.

Noting that it will respect, “as far as possible”, all existing buildings, the company revealed that, however, “some buildings located in the surroundings of Baluarte do Livramento and the future Alcântara station will have to be demolished”.

“All these situations will be properly framed and planned in advance in order to minimize the impacts caused to the population”, he pointed out.

Among the affected buildings is the property of the Lisbon City Council, namely Calçada do Livramento, with Metropolitano having already notified the municipality regarding the Declaration of Public Utility, which was published on July 26 of this year.