“In an investment valued at 6.5 million euros, this increase comes into force in January 2024, reinforcing the brand's commitment to its employees and potential candidates”, says Lidl in a statement.

“Store and warehouse employees will see their remuneration increase next year, either through progression in existing levels or through the creation of an additional level.”

This annual salary review follows the increase in the meal allowance from 7.63 euros to 9.60 euros, announced in September and which comes into effect this month, representing an additional annual investment valued at 3.5 million euros.

“Being competitive and taking care of our people is one of our priorities”, says Lidl Portugal Human Resources administrator, Maria Román, quoted in the statement, highlighting that the group’s objective is “to guarantee the creation of stable, quality employment”.

The company says that all its workers have open-ended contracts (“except in specific situations of additional workflows”), receiving a meal allowance of 9.60 euros/day and holiday and Christmas allowances.

Additionally, “all Lidl employees, regardless of their working hours or contract, enjoy health insurance with a market value of 440 euros, extended to their household under very advantageous conditions”, and can also enjoy a day off on their birthday (or on a date of the employee's choosing, from 2024 onwards) and three additional days of annual leave in the absence of unjustified absences.

For 28 years in Portugal, Lidl has around 9,000 employees, distributed across more than 270 stores and four regional departments and warehouses, in addition to the headquarters, in Santo Tirso (North), Torres Novas (West), Sintra (Center) and Palmela (South).