The proposal was unanimously approved at the last Chamber meeting and will also be submitted to the Municipal Assembly

Before coming into force, the regulation of Peniche's municipal tourist tax, which will have a value of one euro, will be put out for public consultation for a period of 30 days, according to the proposal to which the Lusa agency had access today.

In the preamble of the proposal, the Peniche Chamber justifies the need to create a tourist tax with "significant growth in recent years" in the number of people visiting this municipality.

"The Municipality of Peniche considers that the principle of fair distribution of public costs requires that the operational costs incurred in generating utilities for tourists who visit the municipality be allocated, in the proportion in which they benefit from these tourists and not the population resident of the municipality. In this way, it becomes legitimate to demand compensation from tourists", explains the municipality.

According to the Peniche Chamber, the application of a municipal tourist tax will allow "to mitigate the social and environmental impact on the municipality's infrastructure", without "compromising the municipality's competitiveness in the context of the region".

In practical terms, Peniche's municipal tourist tax will apply to overnight stays in hotel establishments (hotels, guesthouses, apartment hotels), tourist villages, resorts, local accommodation, tourism enterprises and camping and caravan parks.