“Henrica offers a variety of styles and modifications in every yoga class to help students find balance in breath, body, movement and mind. And it is her personal goal to make everybody feel comfortable so that everyone enjoys the rewards and benefits of yoga practice.”

Henrica does private yoga classes in Lagoa, Silves, Albufeira and Portimão areas, as well as group classes. Classes are offered in English, Portuguese and Dutch. Henrica also does special events and retreats as well as fantastic yoga beach walks at Armação de Pêra beach once a month that are proving popular, with the next one taking place on 19 November from 9:30am to 11:00am. Details on the yoga beach walks and group class schedule are available on her website.

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Connection to Yoga

Henrica shared with The Portugal News her connection to yoga and how it evolved into teaching, “I was introduced to yoga many years ago, but it was not until I was dealing with a particularly stressful time in my professional life combined with physical pain due to a hip problem, that I decided to take a temporary break from a very full-time position to a part-time opportunity and start yoga at my local Y. The teacher, Greg Moffet, had a large following and I understood why as soon as I took the first few classes; I immediately felt better physically and mentally - it was such an eye opener."

She added that, “It was the right time in my life to truly embrace everything that yoga had to offer. Greg was such an inspirational teacher and it is thanks to him that I decided to make a dramatic shift in my professional life. Immediately after my hip replacement operation, I started a yoga teacher training at the Dallas Yoga Center and knew it was my calling. I spent my childhood in Portugal, lived off and on in the Algarve during my adult life and have family here. It was during the training that I decided to return to the Algarve to teach yoga. I finished the course in June 2019, wrapped things up in Dallas and moved to the Algarve in September 2019."

When asked about the benefits she has found from practicing yoga regularly, aside from the physical benefits, Henrica shared that “You become a lot more accepting, aware, as well as thankful. I often close my classes with 'let's give gratitude for what we have' because by doing so we create a better attitude, where you are more mindful of what you have to be grateful for. I find that practicing yoga can bring a lot of joy."

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Yoga Beach Walks

Henrica’s yoga beach walks take place monthly on a Sunday, where part of the money goes to charity, she confided that “I truly plan the walks so that the conditions and timing is right such as when there is a low tide. I also chose a day of the week where most people who work would also be available which is why the walk is on a Sunday. The yoga beach walks are a gentle approach to yoga making them great for everybody who enjoys being in nature."

Adding, “What students really like about the yoga beach walks is that they offer the opportunity to be outdoors in a natural setting which is stimulating for meditation and connecting to nature without being forced. What I mean by this is that we can all go to the beach for a walk, but the yoga beach walks I offer, gives it a little bit of guidance which helps to bring awareness to the ways we can become calmer, move better, feel better and engage with others. The yoga beach walks really focus on your senses and by being in a little community where you are able to truly de-stress and connect."

When asked about her charity of choice, Doctors without Borders, Henrica replied that the aim to her walks are also to bring a little bit of consciousness, “We are so fortunate to be able to walk along the beach and focus on our wellbeing and the nature surrounding us and yet there are other parts of the world where people are suffering hardships. Last month I gave the example of natural disasters, focusing on the earthquake in Morocco and donating money to them. Doctors without Borders goes anywhere in the world to areas affected by natural disasters, specifically focusing on helping children. The Yoga walks are not just about improving ourselves but also about being aware of what we can do to help others.”

Henrica also shared that “One of the things I am working on is to collaborate with some of the local non-profit organisations, such as A Rocha, that does beach cleanups. The idea is to raise money and eventually incorporate a beach clean-up. I think it is important to incorporate the philosophies of yoga in practice: "ahimsa" is respect for all living things and involves contributing to the community."

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Henrica has received wonderful feedback on her classes, which you can see on her website. A husband of one her regulars shared: "I am very pleased that my wife persuaded me to join Henrica’s yoga classes. I am impressed that Henrica tunes each practice to the needs of the group. Her calm, reassuring voice conveys clear instructions; her physical demonstration is impressive which makes it easy for students to work with each posture to the maximum of their capability. Having attended the yoga sessions, and the beach walks, for just over a month I have discovered so much extra “space” in my body which has given me a sense of wellbeing. Thank you Henrica! S. Murphy".

Nourish your physical and mental well-being today! For more information, please visit https://henricayogaalgarve.com/ or search Henrica Yoga Algarve on Facebook. Alternatively, you can contact Henrica by emailing henricayogaalgarve@gmail.com or by calling +351 926 828 497.


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