According to Sapo news, "We tend to appreciate investments made abroad, neglecting those that move and make our country evolve." In the direction of carbon neutrality, however, Bosch has just announced the expansion of its location in Aveiro, with an investment of around 100 million euros until 2026.

The company's objective is to build new laboratories and two buildings, as well as ensuring additional heat pump production lines. In the medium term, it is expected to increase the number of employees by several hundred.

Although they are not the focus today, in fact, the neutrality of buildings is important, and heat pumps are a fundamental component to this end. With this in mind, Bosch will invest a total of more than one billion euros in expanding its network by the end of the decade. This will include, in addition, Aveiro, in Portugal, Eibelshausen, in Germany, and Tranås, in Sweden.