The dictionaries were distributed to the young learners by President Richard Thorpe and Head of Youth Services Pauline Burnham, providing them with essential tools for their educational journey. The dictionaries represent a small but vital role in a contributing to a student's language proficiency, academic growth and personal development.

Beyond this gesture, RCEPI has been a steadfast supporter of the school for many years. It has provided much-needed school equipment, sponsored a student through university education, and facilitated students' participation in international summer camps as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Programme.

In addition, RCEPI also recognizes achievement and presents Merit Certificates to the best and most improved students, acknowledging their dedication and hard work. RCEPI also actively engages students in insightful career talks, inspiring them to explore their potential and aspirations.

President Richard Thorpe said “We are proud to be an integral part of Poeta Emiliano da Costa school and remain committed to supporting students and contributing to their success.”

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