According to ECO, at Onya Health, every other week, Friday is a free day for all employees, with the guarantee that the results are positive.

Workers state that their quality of life has improved and that they feel more satisfied and have a greater capacity to deal with work. To ECO, one of those responsible for the company is able to state that the project should become definitive. Although some adjustments are necessary, the person responsible states that there will no longer be a 40-hour work week.

The ECO newspaper heard from several companies, who reported positive results over the five months of testing the four-day workweek.

The success of the pilot program extends internationally, to countries such as the United Kingdom, where 61 companies participated in the pilot project. Of this total, 56 remain in the testing phase, but the remaining 18 have already made the project permanent, in a country where 90% of the workers involved say they want to continue having a four-day work week.

According to ECO, tests are also being carried out on a four-day week in Brazil. In Brazil, the tests will be guided by the 4-Day Week Global.