According to the study, and reported by ECO, 72% of Portuguese CEOs say they are optimistic about the country's economic growth over the next three years, while among international CEOs the percentage increases to 78%.

On the other hand, Portuguese leaders “are not as optimistic about the good performance of the global economy over the next three years”, with “only 42% expecting the global economy to grow during that period,” it reads. At the level of international CEOs, the bar increases to 73%.

The majority of Portuguese CEOs are “even more optimistic” about their companies: 90% of respondents expect them to grow in the next three years, while for international CEOs the percentage drops to 77%.

In this context, the study also reveals that almost half (40%) of CEOs in Portugal predict, for the next three years, that their business will grow between 2.5% and 4.99% per year. Global CEOs “are more cautious and 47% anticipate more modest growth, between 0.01% and 2.49% for their organizations”, says KPMG, in a statement.