In a statement, the Public Security Police added that they destroyed 8,966 weapons to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, which was celebrated on Saturday, within the scope of the specific powers of control and supervision of weapons and ammunition.

This year, the PSP registered 13,178 complaints for the crime of domestic violence, 808 arrests, 119 weapons seized in this criminal context, and 515 complaints in which there was a reference to the use of weapons, including threats, the majority of which were bladed weapons (329), followed by firearms (103).

Around 300,000 weapons have been destroyed in ten a decade, with 2018 being the year in which the most weapons were destroyed, a total of 37,065.

According to the PSP, 22,943 weapons were destroyed this year, 2,734 more than in the entire year 2022.

The PSP also destroyed more than 34 tons of ammunition and cartridges in five years.