According to Postal newspaper, the decree-law states that “directive 2014/45/EU, of the European Parliament and the Council, of April 3, 2014, provides for the periodic inspection of motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles with an engine capacity greater than 125cc. Decree-law No. 144/2012, of 11 July, in its current wording, which approves the technical inspection regime for motor vehicles and their trailers, established the inspection obligation for those vehicles, with a cylinder capacity exceeding 250cc, made it necessary to harmonise this requirement with that determined by the aforementioned directive”.

During the inspection, different factors that are relevant to the safety and performance of the vehicles will be evaluated. The braking system, steering system, field of vision, installation of lights, lighting equipment and electronic components, axles, wheels and tires, frame and bodywork, in addition to checking noise levels and pollutant emissions.

Electric vehicles will be exempt from reporting annually for mandatory inspection, with only combustion, gasoline or diesel vehicles required to attend.