As maintained by the data compiled until the end of last week, “the purchase of tickets on board STCP buses, through MB Way, is around 70 thousand, which corresponds to 2.5 percent of travel tickets purchased from STCP drivers”, according to the company.

STCP made this form of payment available on board a year ago, “with this new payment method being available for purchasing tickets on board from bus drivers and brakemen on historic trams”.

Payment is made by reading the QR Code Express with the MB Way mobile application (“app”), customers must “point their mobile device at the QR Code Express found at the entrance of the vehicle”, “select the payment option”, “validate the price, which confirms the purchase of the on-board ticket” and “present proof of purchase to the driver”, says STCP.

Each bus and tram has its own QR Code Exress and “proof of purchase is available on the passenger’s cell phone, in electronic format”.

STCP was the first national carrier to accept payments via MB Way and the service is the result of a protocol with SIBS, manager of the Multibanco system.