“Inviting a plant into our home is a big decision, and choosing exactly which type of houseplant would best suit our space and lifestyle isn’t an easy task,” says celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman.

“Each star sign has its own special likes and dislikes around the home, and different skills in looking after their environment”.

Here, two psychics and astrologers suggest which houseplants may be right for your star sign.

Aries – Zanzibar gem

Also known as the ZZ plant, this low-maintenance choice would suit Aries personalities who are outdoorsy and active, with a hectic lifestyle, who don’t have spare time to pamper a plant when they are at home, says Honigman.

Taurus – Chinese money plant

Taurus is known for being stubborn, but as Taurus sits in the second house of astrology which rules possessions, and as an earth sign, tangible items can be important to the stubborn sign.

The Chinese money plant is said to call in finances and possessions. The routine watering also serves the grounded Taurus well, as they like some structure in their lives, suggests Julie Chandler, a psychic intuitive tarot reader and spiritual life coach, who uses the power of astrology in her readings.

Gemini – Calathea roseopicta

Sociable and chatty, Gemini is a sign that is always on the go and can often be quite forgetful. Those born under the sign of the twins love beauty and want something cute and colourful at home, perhaps not too big, and certainly not too delicate, advises Honigman.

Cancer – peace lily

Cancer is a water sign that is known for its family orientation, care and love with heightened emotions. Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is known to bring light to a room in the dark, and the perfect plant for this is the peace lily. Not only is it aligned with the emotional state of Cancers wanting calm and ease in their lives, it also can brighten up the darker corner of the home, just like the moon, Chandler maintains. As a water sign, Cancer benefits from a plant that needs regular watering as a reminder of continuous nurturing, she adds.

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Leo – Calamondin orange

Leo is a bold and bright sign, that needs to make an impact and be the centre of the show, says Chandler. A talking piece plant would make a great companion in the home is the Calamondin orange, also known as the Philippine lime or the acid orange.

Letting it get direct sunlight – just like the centre stage Leo energy – and of course when socialising, who isn’t going to be amazed by an orange tree in the home? Leo will love this, she adds.

Virgo – orchid

Virgos are known to be great nurturers and love a good routine. The orchid, which needs regular maintenance, would make a great plant for the sign, its beautiful flower shows acting as a reminder and reward for the care given, which sits well with Virgo’s energy, says Chandler.

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Libra – jasmine

Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. The planet of beauty and abundance can subtly affect Librans who would benefit from a fragrant bloomed plant such as Jasmine. The strong perfume smell and balanced care routine of the jasmine would work well with the Libra love of a balanced lifestyle, says Chandler.

Scorpio – Venus fly trap

This intense, emotional sign enjoys an aesthetic that’s original and unexpected. Sharp edges and spikes excite those born under the sign of the scorpion, as they like a houseplant with a personality as sensual as theirs, suggests Honigman.

Sagittarius – Kentia palm

Sagittarius is known for its love of travel and independence, so a simple succulent would work well, Chandler reckons. Alternatively, if they have a good support system who can pop over in their absence, the Kentia palms are a great plant to reflect their love for tropical climates, giving the easy-going vibe that Sagittarius can exude.

Capricorn – Jade

Capricorns are a stable and reliable energy but can be a little distant at times in personality. Often workaholics who are structured, their earth sign will love the jade plant, known to represent wealth and prosperity, says Chandler. This simple and straightforward, easy-to-care-for plant makes a great addition to their home. Slow-growing, it will suit Capricorn’s methodical approach to things, sharing a practical yet dependable energy.

Aquarius – Cacti

Aquarius are inquisitive and love to understand how things work, so a cactus will fascinate the eager mind of this air sign and make for easy care when they get distracted or absorbed into research or a new project. Aquarius is also known for being blunt and a little detached, so the spiky exterior sits well with them, says Chandler.

Pisces – Pothos

Pisces are known as the dreamers, represented by two fish in the stream. The Pisces energy works best when flowing, like its water element. The pothos plant’s flowing vines are a perfect image for this Pisces energy, and the heart-shaped plants represent their big dreams and emotions as the water sign. As they don’t need too much watering, this is great for Pisces who may get lost in daydream and forget, offers Chandler.