According to Publituris, Airlines for Europe (A4E), on 30 November, decided to appeal to European Union policymakers to ensure a balanced result of the review of the Organised Travel Directive, which does not disrupt tourism in Europe.

In a statement, the association representing several European airlines states that the review of the Organised Travel Directive (PTD) should produce “a balanced legislative act”, following the European Commission's proposal, published on 29 November, and that “ introduces far-reaching changes that will have implications for all providers in Europe”.

“Packaged holidays have a high value, are the safest of all forms of travel and offer the best consumer protection. The main focus should be on ensuring that European package holiday providers remain competitive. Any excessive regulation of package holidays will not improve consumer protection, but will result in higher costs for consumers”, considers A4E.

If the result is not balanced, the association believes that tourists will start to prefer “cheaper forms of travel that do not offer nearly the same protections as organised trips”.

A4E recalls that, with the proposed changes, the first payments made by travelers to package holiday providers will be regulated at the European Union level and limited to 25% of the total package price, unless there is a justification for a higher amount.

For the association, “this new rule, together with other provisions, will make the business management of package travel suppliers more difficult and costly and risks having a negative impact on the entire tourism value chain, including airlines ”