‘Caesar’ a German Shepherd was brought to Pet Park for a lengthy stay. “He settled down really well. Obviously well trained. His owner wanted to travel.” Time goes by. As it does. “About three months later, the owner came back and took him home.” Thought no more of it. “We missed him he was good company.”

Wendy is smiling. She knows Gary’s expression. Only too well. “When the owner came recently with Caesar, he said, he didn’t want him anymore. A lifestyle change. We could not believe it!” Having Pet Park as a business is only the tip of the iceberg. APAA has the fortune of being able to place abandoned animals, mostly dogs, with them.

The Association for Protection of Animals Algarve, knows the story, unfortunately a repetitive one. A dog marooned on a balcony for days. Another is locked in a shed or a camper. Some kind people, like Fenella, take a dog in and foster it, until it can be re-homed. ‘Rover’ was just one, he finally found a home via ‘ARA’ Shelter. “Most of the dogs are long-term abuse cases.” Jenny nods across at the small group of old-timers.

“They are happy here, some institutionalised beyond being re-homed.” As luck would have it, they are all well looked after by Gary and Wendy. They have seven furry canine friends of their own. Just as well they have Pet Park! “Caesar already had been rehomed twice before.” Yes. There is that expression again. May have space over Christmas for bookings telephone Gary (+351) 926 660 465.

Credits: PA; Author: PA; Gary & Wendy

Finally APAA’s Ferragudo’s famous Sunday Car Boot Sales. Fair and Street market. Main one-way street. Their last Sunday 10 December 8am-12. APAA’s special Christmas Lunch. ‘Recanto dos Mouros’ Tuesday 12th December. 12.30-1.00 start. Lunch by Silves Castle, Choice of Boar Stew or Bacalhau com Natas. Vegetarian option available. Desserts, coffee, water, wine, or beer. 24€/26€ Members/Non. Book your lunch direct with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 or send email.

APAA’s Christmas gift table with really special items on sale, jewellery amongst gifts for the season. Jenny’s added a few hot recipes to her infamous jam, chutney collection. Apple in Mulled Wine Jam. A Chili Chutney. And a tangy Orange Marmalade with Cranberries. All proceeds for SNiP. APAA’s Spaying & Neutering Programme, is the only way to reduce the amount of unwanted puppies and kittens. Don’t forget, there is always friendly APAA charity shops Dunas do Alvor. Rua Elias Garcia Silves. For info for Recanto lunch events.apaaportugal@gmail.com

A pet is not just for Christmas!