“They have grown in numbers to an incredible high.” Together with Zélia Santos APAA’s very own cat woman, they have managed to TNR (Trap, neuter and Return) many cats. “The idea is simple, but it is effective.” The urbanisations that are also a problem as a nurturing ground for feral felines have caught on to the idea. “Where people gather so will cats.” Jenny, President of APAA knows only too well. “We have actually a conquest!” João who has ‘O Tasco’ in Senhora do Verde has been host to many of their ‘Pop-Up’ shops. “In fact he asked, if we could help.” Did he not know that your motto is ‘Here to Help’? Jenny smiles. “Ten cats, have managed to over-run the area. Re-populating, as they do.”

SNiP is APAA’s campaign to reduce feral cats. Although it is used for cats, abandoned dogs, whenever encountered get the same treatment. SNiP’d and re-homed. “The problem is, kittens look so cute, the mother cat, so doting. Until they start to grow and re-produce at an alarming rate.” Becoming a huge problem. A timetable, will be drawn up to trap and neuter cats around the ‘O Tasco’ area, and then returned. Jenny looks across at the welcoming building. “A donation towards the costs will be welcome!” Of course. Having agreed wholeheartedly that the ‘Pop-Up’ shops run by Anita, and assorted helpers on hand, are a huge success, the goodies on sale are a permanent requirement. “We need all sorts of stuff. Literally, re-stocking at both shops in Alvor and Silves.”

Clearing out during the next few months? Don’t throw things away. Books, ornaments, and small items of furniture. “We can handle large items, if need be for collection and delivery.” Great. Fridges, settees, dining tables, chairs. Got it. In the meantime APAA are looking for a good home for ‘Lady/Jess’ who has recovered from her spaying, lodging at Pet Park. “She’s a great lass, very calm and loves attention.” Gary & Wendy have been busy with their paying borders over Christmas and New Year. “We’ve re-homed a couple of dogs, recently. ‘Nola’ has gone to a loving new home.’ He grins. ‘Well, when ‘Caeser’ turned up, I couldn’t resist.” He’s joined their own seven canines.

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“If there is a problem with cats in your area, we can help.” Jenny is positive. “We can and must reduce the feral feline numbers back to how they used to be.” There was a dreadful feline parvo.-virus decimating the feline population a few years ago. Now spiralling out of control. SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme) works!