According to idealista, the group's president, Jorge Rebelo de Almeida, in Lisbon, pointed out, however, that there are six ongoing projects, namely two hotel units scheduled to open in April 2024, one for the end of the year and three in April 2025.

Vila Galé Figueira da Foz

They are, respectively, Vila Galé Figueira da Foz and Vila Galé Isla Canela, Vila Galé Collection Sunset in Cumbuco – Ceará (Brazil), Vila Galé Paço do Curutelo, in Ponte de Lima, Vila Galé Casas de Elvas and Vila Galé Ouro Preto, in Minas Gerais (Brazil).

As planned, Vila Galé will arrive in Spain, where Vila Galé Isla Canela will open in April, next to the beach with the same name, on the Costa de la Luz, Huelva, in a building with Arabic inspiration, which the company will carry out a complete renovation of the public customer areas in 2025 and the rooms in 2026.

Jorge Rebelo de Almeida recalled that Spain will be the fourth country where the brand is present, after Portugal, Brazil and Cuba, the country where the group entered in 2023.

Recently, Vila Galé took over the management of Vila Galé Jardines d’el Rey, in Cayo Paredón Grande, a debut “all-inclusive” resort, with 638 rooms.

In addition to the project in Isla Canela, where renovation works are taking place in partnership with Saint Croix HI, owner of the property, Vila Galé has several other projects underway, both in Portugal and Brazil.

Among them are the Vila Galé Collection Figueira da Foz, "the emblematic Grande Hotel da Figueira", which will be managed by Vila Galé, "after a thorough renovation" of the 102 rooms and public areas.

There is also the Vila Galé Collection Paço do Curutelo, in Ponte de Lima, where Vila Galé will invest 20 million euros to rebuild Paço do Curutelo, a castle from 1126, and launch a hotel, wine tourism and wine production project. The Vila Galé Collection Paço do Curutelo will be a unit with 87 rooms.

In Elvas, Vila Galé Casas de Elvas will be born, another hotel resulting from the rehabilitation of historical heritage. Here, the group will restore the houses of the old plum factory and the former buildings of the war council, which with an investment of 10 million euros will be transformed into a hotel with 43 rooms, scheduled to open in April 2025.

The Vila Galé Collection Ouro Preto – Historic Family Resort hotel, Conference & Spa, in Brazil, will appear in Cachoeira do Campo, Minas Gerais.

"Vila Galé will recover the historic space where Portugal's first cavalry regiment operated in Brazil in 1775 and, later, the Dom Bosco Salesian college", they say. The future unit, which is scheduled for completion in April 2025, will have 298 rooms and vineyard and olive groves. This project represents an investment of more than 120 million reais (around 22.5 million euros).

Finally, the group mentions the Vila Galé Collection Sunset Cumbuco (Brazil), Ceará, a place where it already has a resort (Vila Galé Cumbuco), which will appear with 124 rooms, with an estimated investment of 80 million reais, more than 14 million of euros.