Mercadona will award a bonus, which corresponds to 50% of workers' salaries, among the more than 100 thousand people who work at the supermarket company. Therefore, the company will offer a bonus to employees higher than the 2023 bonus, which was 405 million euros in total.

In addition to profit sharing, Mercadona also intends to give an additional salary to workers who manage to achieve the company's objectives defined for 2024, the amount increases to two salaries if the employment contract has been in force for at least five years.

According to Mercadona, the decision was taken considering “the exceptional commitment of the more than 100 thousand people who make up Mercadona to improve the experience of our “bosses” every day, the quality of our products and the constant implementation of technological improvements and innovative, which make our processes more efficient, facilitating our work routine. It is, for all this, that we all deserve to earn, this year, an extra half salary, to which we have to add the bonus for objectives that correspond to us – one or two salaries, depending on our seniority in the company”.