In response to these demands, Get Golden Visa has released its highly anticipated report, "Get a Look Ahead 2024: Portugal's Golden Visa Funds in a Post-Real Estate Era," offering a comprehensive analysis of the program's evolution and its impact on investors. The report delves into key developments that have reshaped Portugal's Golden Visa program, particularly its strategic pivot away from real estate-centric investments.

Significant Reforms in Portugal's Investment Landscape

Under the new framework, the Portugal Golden Visa program now encourages investments in small and medium-sized businesses, reflecting Portugal's commitment to fostering economic growth and job creation. This shift marks a departure from its previous focus on real estate investments and aims to diversify investment opportunities within the program.

Key Highlights of the Report

The report offers an in-depth analysis of two major developments in the Golden Visa program:

The Shift from Real Estate (October 2023): It delves into the effects of the legislative change in October 2023, which marked the end of real estate options in the Golden Visa scheme.

Citizenship Law Enhancement (January 2024): The report examines Portugal's updated citizenship law, which now counts the residency application period towards the five-year period required for citizenship eligibility, enhancing the pathway to EU citizenship.

Expert Collaboration for a Comprehensive View

The insights presented in "Get a Look Ahead: 2024" are the culmination of collaborative efforts among industry experts, including lawyers, fund advisors, fund managers, and sector-specific platform leaders in Portugal. These experts offered a comprehensive overview of the most recent legislative developments, forthcoming challenges, and emerging opportunities in the spheres of Portuguese Private Equity and Venture Capital funds.

Download the Report

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the latest trends in investment migration, the report is now available for download. It serves as an expert guide to navigating the opportunities and challenges in Portugal's evolving investment environment, offering valuable insights for investors, industry professionals, and stakeholders alike.

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