With the aim of discussing some of the main challenges facing human resources - the immigration and retention of talent - various heads of European institutions and business development agents will be present at the university's premises to give their testimonies and report on difficulties and opportunities

The opening session will be led by Professor and Vice-Rector João Rodrigues, who will be joined by Professor Maria Palma Mateus, who will present, respectively, the testimony of the collaboration between the University of the Algarve and the "Carb Manager" mobile application. Afterwards, Engineer Paulo Martins will present some examples of research projects carried out by Portuguese universities and polytechnics, which have received investment from entrepreneurs and businesspeople from the Empowered Startups network.

The next round table will address the topic under discussion, "Talent Immigration: case studies and good practices", and will feature four speakers: Professor Dr. Carlos Zorrinho, Member of the European Parliament, Professor Dr. Carlos Lobo, Professor of Law at the University of Lisbon, and Dr. Christopher Lennon, President of Empowered Startups and Mrs. Lucy Musk, COO of The Portugal News.

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The event will also count on the collaboration of the CEO of the Algarve System and Technology Partnership, Professor Francisco Serra, as moderator of the round table.

Closing the session will be members of Regional Coordinator of Algarve SEDES, Dr. Paulo Neves and the Rector of the University of the Algarve, Professor Paulo Águas.

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About Empowered Startups:

Founded in Canada, Empowered Startups is a multinational specializing in supporting the launch of innovative businesses born out of research projects at universities and research centers. Since 2009, it has supported more than 450 start-ups on several continents. In Portugal since 2019, with an office in Évora, it has already established partnerships with 12 higher education institutions and promises to attract 10 million euros of foreign direct investment and 150 entrepreneurs and highly qualified workers to the country by 2025.

About SEDES: www.sedes.pt