For years, Faro served as the landing point for exploring the other parts of the Algarve. Tourists as well as expatriate homeowners might spend a few hours walking its cobblestone streets or charming Marina prior to departure, or on arrival before heading off to explore the region. Yet over the last few years, “the hidden gem of Europe” has attracted international property developers investing in new residential projects to meet the growing demand for modern living in one of Europe’s oldest cities, dating back to the 8th century BC.

Among these new residential projects is ALMA DE FARO, Faro’s latest modern development, which is coming to life in a sought-after location ­— minutes from Faro Beach and the Ria Formosa natural reserve.

Spanning across 16.8 acres, Alma de Faro is one of the largest residential leveraging the booming Faro real estate market. Following the completion of the infrastructure work and successful sale of phase one within weeks, Alma de Faro is releasing more plots of various sizes, from 2,561 square feet to 7,976 square feet — all with Projeto de Arquitectura available.

Alma de Faro has also partnered with a world-class developer Investors Group to build and sell exclusive contemporary designed Villas and Townhouses, The award-winning architecture firm PLAN ASSOCIADOS, with wide experience in Quinta do Lago residences, provides a clean, contemporary design, not widely available in Faro. GOLDEN PROPERTIES was chosen as the real estate agency to market this exclusive development, playing a crucial role in reshaping the current urbanization concept and providing invaluable assistance in defining the typologies and crafting the product with the end customer in mind.

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“Alma de Faro is our launch flagship project in Portugal, following our growth in luxury real estate in Southern Europe and the Middle East. Based on our research, there appears to be strong demand for affordable luxury in Faro and we are investing in building high-quality global standard properties not found in the area", says Joe Neemeh from Investors Group, the property developer of villas and townhouses in Alma de Faro. “Our aim, from the start, has been create modern homes in a diverse authentic community that is different from a seasonal resort.”

While attracted by its safety, weather and natural beauty, Neemeh and his group of investors recognized the charm and authenticity of Faro as much more than a holiday destination.” Faro has a young and multicultural atmosphere, with events and activities all year long. Yet is remains understated and authentic. University students mingle with professionals and more sophisticated tourists interested in its long history and culture. We wanted our development to reflect this multiculturism and authenticity, and therefore priced our properties within reach of both locals and foreigners looking for a retirement or second home in the sun without paying a fortune.”

For many local professionals, the charm of the city, its proximity to beaches and commercial attractions, as well as more affordable housing has made Faro a natural place to live. In contrast, many foreigners looking to invest in property or for a place in the sun, Faro might sound like an ‘off the beaten path’ option. Yet, as residential property developers like those behind Alma de Faro begin to offer modern homes at more affordable price, those looking for an adopted home that feels more real and less seasonal and resort-like, a place where they can actually learn to speak Portuguese, Faro might be a good choice.

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“It has been a remarkable journey with successful sales, and we warmly welcome all those interested in learning more about this project”, says Hugo Moreira, Managing Director of GOLDEN PROPERTIES.

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