Imagine the planet being completely cleansed, all the pollution and energy of conflict that has permeated it, totally transmuted. So, wherever you walk you are supported by beautiful and natural fifth dimensional land.

Imagine all the third dimensional emotions you have ever felt, dissolving and disappearing so that you enjoy and radiate only positive, loving, peaceful and wonderful feelings.

We are creating this Golden Future and we can call on the Violet Flame to facilitate it.

The Violet Flame

Archangel Zadkiel, working with the Illumined Master St Germain, is in charge of the Violet Flame of Transmutation. This flame is so powerful that it burns into the source of a blockage and can transmute the heavy vibration into light. It can be used to transmute emotions or problems and even to heal the physical body. For example, you can invoke it to dissolve anger or any other negative emotions, to purify a relationship or events from your childhood or past incarnations.

How the Violet Flame has evolved

Because this powerful energy was misused as Atlantis devolved, it was withdrawn from most of humanity. During the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, when the frequency of the planet was beginning to rise again, Archangel Zadkiel and St Germain accessed the Violet Flame and returned it so that everyone could use it again.

As the consciousness of humanity has continued to rise, the Violet Flame has evolved. First, the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with it to create the Silver Violet Flame of Grace and Transmutation. This includes a range of vibrations from pale lilac, mauve and silver through to deep violet.

Then the Gold Ray of Wisdom merged with it to create the Gold and Silver Violet Flame.

Later Archangel Gabriel added his Diamond light and the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame was formed.

Recently the Source Violet Flame was brought forward and in this awesome Flame Source energy is added to the Violet Fire.

Tune in and feel which one feels right for you at any given time.

Working with the Violet Flame

Here are a few ways you can work with the Violet Flame.

  1. Hold a picture of yourself in perfect health and visualise yourself within the Violet Flame. The blocks that create ill health start to purify and a process of healing commences. You can call it into parts of your body where you need healing.
  2. You can send it to someone who needs help or healing, and always do so under grace, so that you do not interfere with their karma.
  3. Visualise yourself happy and vibrant within the Violet Flame. In the ensuing purification petty problems and lower vibrations are transmuted. Negative mindsets are released and replaced with serenity.
  4. If you wish to set yourself free from a person, situation or any aspect of your life, ask the Violet Flame to dissolve all chains and restrictions. Affirm that you are now free.
  5. Invoke the Violet Flame to blaze a path in front of you during the day, so that everything you are about to experience is cleansed. This ensures that you handle the events of the day in the best possible way.
  6. Picture any place or situation where there is disharmony surrounded in the Violet Flame and watch the lower vibrations disappearing in the flames.
  7. Imagine the rivers and oceans turning violet as the Violet Flame cleanses and purifies the waters.

Visible Proof

During several workshops when we have invoked an aspect of the Violet Flame, participants have rushed out to get their aura photos taken. Inevitably their aura is violet. This fades fairly quickly, but if you consistently work with the Violet Flame, you will always carry its energy and you will be transmuting your own blocks as well as those of others. You will also attract higher people and situations into your life.

On a few occasions when I have been working with the Violet Flame people have remarked they thought I had died my hair violet!

When you engage with any aspect of the Violet Flame the colour violet starts to form in your aura. You automatically radiate a higher spiritual vibration.


The Violet Flame opens you up as you receive its energy. So, it is always sensible to call in protection, such as the Gold Ray of Christ to ensure you are protected.


Kathy took offence at something her very old and dear friend, Anna, said. It pressed one of her buttons and she was incandescent with rage. She could not bring herself to speak to her oldest friend. She was so upset and humiliated that she could not sleep and refused to see Anna at all. Luckily Anna was aware of the Violet Flame. She realised that she had been less than tactful but also that Kathy’s reaction was over the top and it was something that she had to deal with. So she mentally sent Kathy an apology. Then she visualised her within the Violet Flame and asked for healing for her.

The following day Kathy arrived at her friend’s home and wordlessly enveloped her in a great big hug. The Violet Flame had performed its magic.

Remember the Violet Flame is for everyone. To use it simply ask for it to come to you.


Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since.  She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled world-wide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular on-line courses.  She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not-for-profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.

Diana Cooper