“The parties have to make a choice: which side they are on. My party and I never wavered, we put the word precariousness on the map, we were by your side in every fight and we are now, rain or shine”, she assured. The BE leader said “no, thank you” to the multinationals that set up shop in Portugal “to exploit workers, to pay them below the minimum wage”, arguing that Teleperformance workers “have every right to fight for better wages”.

Mariana Mortágua argued that “Portugal cannot be the mecca of low wages, it cannot be the country that attracts multinationals because it pays poverty wages”.

At stake, in the words of the BE leader, are “thousands of qualified young people who receive the national minimum wage or below one thousand euros”. “The fight for better wages, the fight to stop young people from emigrating is here”, she emphasized.

“Portugal cannot be the low-wage offshore where thousands of qualified young people work for housing and this is considered part of their salary”.