“We just have to be a bit particular about where and how!” Jenny Clarke, President of APAA has the unenviable job of packing and unpacking the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve’s white van. “It got packed for the car boot sale in Ferragudo.” She has just loaded a couple of trapped cats into the animal section. “Then it bucketed down.” So rain stopped play? “Then the van had to be unloaded for the next cat-trapping session with Zelia.” Didn’t make it then? “No. Emergency call out for a dog in Portimão.” Busy day. “Luckily the table at Almádena went very well as did a record-breaking ‘Pop-Up’ at Jolly’s in Alvor.”

What’s next?

“One of the ladies at ‘O Tasco’ knew we were catnapping and asked if we could help her out.” Her place is just across the road. Unfortunately, a couple of road cat-kill accidents with cars. “Finally, we seem to be making headway with our SNiP programme at a local community level.” Their Spaying and Neutering Programme is a huge project. “It isn’t just for our own use, we help by donating to other shelters and animal charities.” There is a record number of feral cat populations on the increase. “Catching the cats is one thing, getting them into a container is another!” Heavy-duty gloves and patience are involved. “Then, we need to have them taken to the vet for the quick once over and the SNiP. As soon as they are able, released back into their own communal circle or a colony nearby.” Cats will travel huge distances to get back to where they feel safe. “We have homed a couple of the younger kitties before they get too feral.”

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Diary Dates:

Pop-Up’ shop ‘O Tasco’, Senhora do Verde. Monday 18th March 12-3pm. Always a Friendly Menu available. Book direct (+351) 282 471 769. APAA’s AGA Tuesday 19th March ‘Recanto dos Mouros’, Silves. All are welcome for lunch at 12.30(ish). Raffle and mini ‘Pop-Up’ table. (Members only for AGA meeting at 11.30am). Convent’bio Lagoa, Friday 5th April. 11-4pm. Restaurant for all tastes. All ‘Pop-Ups’ have premium quality household goodies, home, patio, garden and gifts. Can’t get to a ‘Pop-Up’? Visit Charity Shops in Alvor and Silves. Both are full of goodies, duvets, rugs, and larger household items. Something special? Pop-In friendly staff to meet and greet. Not forgetting Jenny’s jams, preserves, marmalades and Jackie’s scrummy cookies. “Anita and I love to do the ‘Pop-Up’ shops, but the lunch events are always a good way of catching up with members and followers. Welcoming newcomers as well!”

APAA: events.apaaportugal@gmail.com or info.apaaportugal@gmailcom

Cat Colonies: zelia.santos@live.co.uk