Which is an important starting point, but wishing and promoting does not bring peace, when we don't COME from a place of peace.

I ask myself, and I want to encourage us all to ask this: What can I do to install peace? How can I peace better? (The reasons why I see this as the turning point towards peace has been discussed in the previous article.)

Peace education is needed. A glimpse in our own little worlds and the inner and outer fights taking place show that we haven't fully understood peace, so we can't actively install it as a foundation - yet.

Not knowing is something we need to allow ourselves in order to attain the ability to use our power of peace for the world.

Let's be students of life again because we all secretly know that we don't know it all. We are here to learn. There is no shame in this. Being an adult does not mean we are meant to stop learning, many of us have got that wrong, and the world demands the perfect functioning of us.

I, myself get excited when I get the chance to learn, when I feel more understanding and wisdom coming in. So, let's get excited about learning to peace better.

Learning when somebody says we have to learn this or that is not exciting at all - we know that from study times. We need our own intrinsic motivation, which means there needs to be something we personally get from learning.

World peace seems so far away, we need closer, more tangible results in our lives, that seem worth making an effort.

What is in it for ME?

Here are my TOP 2 POSITIVE LIFE-UPGRADES from learning peace:

LESS STRESS to me is the most important one, as it directly and indirectly affects our health, and is considered to be one of the main sources of different kinds of disease (as the word reveals).

Imagine going to work at peace, spending the day with constructive conversations and meetings, how much more relaxed and less stressed would you feel? How much more would you enjoy your daily life - and not only at the weekends?

This leads to the second major benefit:

MORE LIFE, more energy, more power, more enthusiasm, and more enjoyment can finally rule our lives when we move our attention and energy off the battlefields in our lives.

We find ourselves more alive as also we become able to perceive more of the beauty around us. From my personal experience, it feels like life can touch me more deeply when I am in tune with peace, which in turn gives me more sense of purpose and also self-worth.

I can enjoy more and feel an inner freedom and peace that leads to a more peace-making behaviour of mine.

When learning peace brings less stress and more life for us, I suppose we're on the same page - this is what we want, right?

As the results are for us, so is the process.

Discovery is a huge and exciting part of learning, I find.

  • What does peace actually mean to me?
  • Where in my life do I feel peaceful at?
  • What areas in my life are currently under fire?
  • What peacemaking behaviour (action or thought) could I bring to a situation of fight or tension?
  • And, what helps me to feel at peace?

This an important one, because we need to EXPERIENCE peace in order to install it.

Taking time to answer these 5 questions can be a door opener to our own inherent power of peace, and is an act of honour towards ourselves, life and the world we live in.


Sina is a 32 year-old woman from Germany, who moved to Portugal in 2022. She would describe herself as a sensitive human being with a great longing and calling for a better world.

Sina Rissmann