Whether it is the fitting, renovation or maintenance of windows and doors and complementary products, top quality and longevity is what they are well known for, and always offer to their clients.

When asked to think about windows, most people picture the typical aluminium profile with single or double glazing. However, Casa das Janelas believes that it´s urgent and necessary to demystify this idea and to show people that with a good frame, it is possible to significantly reduce the energy consumption of their homes.

"People are often unaware of all the profiles and types of glass that are available in the market and of what can be done with them. For example, currently, we have low-emission glass and solar control glass, to help manage the temperature at home; or laminated glass, with different thicknesses, which work as an excellent sound insulation".

The subject of windows can be very technical, which is why it is always best to talk to an experienced specialist. The team at Casa das Janelas are able to guide clients into making careful and informed choices that will help you to not only add comfort to your home but will also allow for some serious savings on energy bills.

Casa das Janelas has been providing a top quality service to customers since 1995.

For further information, please visit www.casadasjanelas.pt, email info@casadasjanelas.pt, or call +351 289 411 099