One of the highlights of this time of year is sensing a change in the air… the feeling of new beginnings and the scent of bouquets.

“Spring provides the perfect opportunity for rejuvenation and breathing a new lease of life into the home, with fragrance playing a vital role,” says Jennifer Genson, WoodWick and R&D director of fragrance and sensory science at Newell Brands.

“As the days grow warmer and lighter, it’s important for this to be echoed throughout the home using fresh, floral, and bright fragrances that reflect the season’s beauty – and evoke a feeling of tranquillity.”

Entrance hall and kitchen

And with the art of hosting and tablescaping becoming increasingly popular, she says it works well to fill the home’s entryway with bold scents to welcome guests – and announce the long-awaited arrival of spring.

To set the tone, she suggests a fruit-forward fragrance with notes of fresh peach, warm vanilla, and soft florals.

Indeed, Robin Fisher, ARRAN Sense of Scotland’s head of fragrance says brightening up the kitchen with fruity scents can not only mask [cooking] smells, but also reinvent forgotten areas of the home with a subtle aroma.

“Fruity citrus scents of lime and orange blossom are great for keeping an area fresh. These scents are often used in home fragrance collections, particularly this time of year,” highlights Fisher.

Dining area

Moving to the heart of the home, Genson says to let the dining table become a haven of springtime enchantment.

“Here, candles not only illuminate gatherings but also infuse the air with fragrances that harmonise with the spring sunshine and freshness.”

For this, she suggests the scent of lavender and cypress, which provides an aromatic French lavender fragrance woven with the scents of lemon, cedarwood, and cypress essential oils.

Genson says vibrant scents are the perfect way to effortlessly elevate any space, “while creating a harmonious connection between the inside and outside”.

Living area

By adapting your home to the season, Fisher says you can create an atmosphere reflective of the month.

“Spring has lighter and longer days, and bringing the outdoors in can help mirror this – filling your home with a mix of fresh and floral fragrances brings an air of calm, ready for the new season ahead.

“Remove strong winter scents and replace them with delightful floral fragrances of jasmine and rose, which are perfect to brighten up living areas, without the need for fresh flowers.

“Combining citrus, fruity, and herbaceous notes such as grapefruit, fig, and philadelphus can also help refresh your home as the temperature warms up,” he adds.


“Fragrance can be a powerful factor in your everyday life, having positive impacts on mood, stress, and even sleep,” says Fisher. “And it’s important to consider this when choosing which fragrances you put in which rooms.”

In terms of perfect scents for the bedroom, he says: “Being able to push the reset button after a long day is vital in improving other areas of your life, from mood to sleep.

“And this can be easily implemented by placing selected scents in particular areas.”

Fisher says the best fragrances for the bedroom include lavender, chamomile, and jasmine. “Because they are all synonymous with their sleep-aiding qualities, creating a peaceful and tranquil space to unwind.”