Get Golden Visa collaborated with Fund Managers and Legal Experts to outline what investors may expect from the Portugal Golden Visa Program's fund investment options.

Experts on the webinar consisted of Guilherme Valadares Carreiro from Oxy Capital, Michael Maxwell from Portugal Panorama, Şafak Nervo from Optylon Krea, and Vanessa Rodrigues Lima from Prime Legal, moderated by Murat Coskun, Managing Partner of Get Golden Visa and Werner Gruner, Regional Partner of Get Golden Visa.

Werner Gruner explained the fund's investment benefits and drawbacks. He also included explanations of how to select a fund, what types of funds exist, and how to analyze risk.

Here are some brief highlights from the webinar:

  • Citizenship law change in Portugal

  • Investment diversification for the Golden Visa Program

  • Due diligence on the fund investment procedure

  • Different investment models and industries

  • Q&A session, with detailed clarifications of the questions

  • And more!

Significant Outcomes from the Webinar

Due Diligence Process and Legal Compliance for Portugal Golden Visa Funds:

Investors are interested in making sure that their money isn't indirectly invested in real estate in light of the Golden Visa Program changes, since this could affect their eligibility for specific advantages. During the due diligence phase, clients work with lawyers who carefully review necessary documents in order to provide legal views about fund eligibility.

Fund Selection for Portugal Golden Visa Investment & Risk Management:

When selecting funds, investors are advised to give careful consideration to their level of risk tolerance and investment goals. To reduce risk, the focus is on diversification among several funds, with specialized strategies designed to fit the individual investment profile of each investor. Independent investment consulting firms, like Get Golden Visa, define diversification strategies and source and analyze funds for investments in an organized way.

Portugal Golden Visa Fund Onboarding Process:

The onboarding process for funds usually takes three to five weeks and includes navigating bureaucratic procedures, analyzing documents in-depth, and going through compliance evaluations by the bank's compliance department.

Attractive Investment Opportunities:

There are many attractive investment opportunities in Portugal's private equity and venture capital arena, since funds concentrate on developing industries. financial prospects become even more appealing when they receive support from organizations such as the European Investment Fund, which enhances their legitimacy in the financial landscape.