The Flor do Bairro Condominium is located in the heart of Bairro Alto, one of the most historic and iconic areas of Lisbon, just two minutes away from Chiado. Nestled in Travessa Água da Flor, it is neighbored by two former palaces converted into five-star boutique hotels - The Lumiares and Palácio Ludovice.

Surrounded by cobblestone alleys and winding streets, it's a stone's throw away from the São Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint and the iconic funicular connecting Avenida da Liberdade to Bairro Alto. It's also within walking distance of the bustling areas of Príncipe Real and Chiado, offering a unique blend of historical charm and modern comfort.

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The Água da Flor alley dates back to 1666 when it was known as "Agoa do Frol," named after a vendor of perfumed water made from orange blossom, whose famous shop was located on this street. Today, amidst this history, a remarkable rehabilitation project is born, created from scratch while preserving the facade and original features of the building, combining the charm of its history with the modernity of its reconstruction and finishes.

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The 4-story building offers 4 modern and functional apartments - one per floor - with one or two bedrooms ranging from 63 to 72 square meters. All apartments have independent access and are equipped with high-quality materials, such as double-glazed windows, false ceilings with recessed spotlights, floating floors, air conditioning, equipped kitchens, and many other amenities.

Ground floor apartment –

First floor apartment –

Second floor apartment –

Third floor apartment -

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The outward architecture of its facade has been retained, while the interior has been modernized with high-standard materials, enhancing comfort and design so that its residents can enjoy well-being in the heart of Lisbon's traditional neighbourhood.

By choosing the Flor do Bairro condominium, you are picking for a unique and exclusive project that allows you to make the most of urban life in the city centre. Whether you want to enjoy Lisbon's lifestyle or seek a high-return investment that's easy to achieve, this is the place where the Past meets the Future.

The Flor do Bairro awaits you!

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