However, the number of spectators needed to reach the figure reached in March this year is lower than that recorded in March 2018. In March 2018 national cinemas recorded 6.3 million euros in revenue with 1.2 million entries, in March this year 6.2 million euros were achieved with 946 thousand spectators.

In 2024, cinemas recorded 16.6 million euros in revenue, 17.4% above the amount collected in the first quarter of 2023, with 2.7 million spectators, 14.6% more than in the year past.

The most viewed list for the month of March is headed by the second chapter of the “Dune” saga, by Denis Villeneuve, with more than 258,000 tickets sold since its premiere on February 29, followed by “Kung Fu Panda 4 ”, by Mike Mitchell and Stephanie Stine, “Bob Marley: One Love”, by Reinaldo Marcus Green, the new Godzilla vs. King Kong, by Adam Wingard, and “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire”, by Gil Kenan.