Featuring an international cast including Niamh McCormack (Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves, The Witcher), multi-award-winning stage actor Jos Vantyler, Joana Seixas ('Quero é Viver' and 'Chegar a Casa’), and Paulo Calatre (Madre Paula, The Last Bath), "COLD MIND" promises a gripping storyline crafted by writer Ross Jameson (Freefonix, Second Origin) and brought to life by director Simon Hunter (Edie).

With an original score by renowned composer Debbie Wiseman (Wolf Hall, Dickensian) and cinematography by August Jakobsson (Game of Thrones, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, The Northman), alongside stunt design by Vic Armstrong (James Bond franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mission: Impossible III, Gangs of New York, Return of the Jedi, Blade Runner, etc), "COLD MIND" is set to “redefine the genre, blending futuristic tech with thrilling detective mysteries”.

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Filming began on 15 April and is scheduled to finish by the middle of May, marking a significant leap forward for Portugal's film and TV industry, presenting an international narrative tailored for global viewers.

“At Spy Manor Productions, we’re excited to embark on the journey of creating the 'COLD MIND Universe,' where technology and humanity intertwine. Alongside a thrilling detective puzzle, we delve into the evolution of AI agents, mirroring the advancements in real-world technology, and gaze into the future to offer audiences an exciting, edge-of-your-seat and elegant detective thriller, inspired by real events, all while showcasing the beauty of the Algarve," said producer Vanda Everke.

Director Simon Hunter adds: “'COLD MIND' is a gripping crime drama with multiple twists and turns, set across two continents. Our talented cast and crew are poised to captivate audiences worldwide with fresh, topical storylines and compelling characters."

Stunt Designer Vic Armstrong chimes in, praising the project's forward-looking approach, stating,

"I'm thrilled to be part of 'COLD MIND,' a 21st-century game changer exploring the fascinating world of AI. It's an exciting new venture, and I'm honoured to contribute to its success."

"Bringing 'COLD MIND' to the Algarve spotlights our region's potential for both film and innovation.

This collaboration strengthens our commitment to growth, blending creativity with entrepreneurship.

It's more than a movie; it's a testament to our thriving ecosystem and a step towards global recognition", adds Miguel Fernandes, CEO of Dengun, a local start-up studio which has an innovation laboratory in Artificial Intelligence.

With over 100 cast and crew members involved, “COLD MIND" promises to not only entertain, but also to boost the local economy and elevate Portugal's status as a top destination for international film production.

The first location to host the filmmakers is the historical Tavira Atalaia Barracks perfectly suiting the film narrative where the army extends its support to the local police forces.

The filming will take place in various locations, one of which will be UALG TEC CAMPUS - Business Accelerator of the University of Algarve, managed by the AlgarveSTP Association, two of the entities strongly supporting the project by collaborating in this high-tech flavored film.

In addition to the cinematic contribution, Spy Manor Productions, through this project, aims to promote the Algarve as a global center for technology and innovation, similar to the work done by the Algarve Tech Hub brand, a collaborative effort led by the University of Algarve, AlgarveSTP, and Algarve Evolution, representing a diverse set of stakeholders, including academia, public institutions, and private sectors.