Thankfully. ‘Fi-Line’ Fiona, has a long friendship with the Association for Protection of Animals Algarve. President, Jenny has seen all sorts of tragedies. “Sometimes you just wish that the world could be swapped.” Human pets? “The cruelty would drop. Fast.” Fiona explains. “‘Little Chump’ started out his puppy life, with a struggle. His owner had mental health issues and the little fellow had to fend for himself. He latched on to us during walks and gradually started to have sleep-overs!”.

Unfortunately, his wonder-lust would get the better of him. “Used to being on his own go off for a trot. He got knocked over by a car.” Fiona’s sad face brightens. “Luckily the vet saved him. He had to lose a leg. But then complications with necrosis crept in.” An 11-day stay at the vet’s touch and go. Finally, he is in recovery and a happy chappie. “If it hadn’t been for APAA’s help and support I don’t know what would have happened.” Lucky for ‘Chump’ and Fiona. APAA’s heart is a big one. Beating every day for the animals it cares for. In between cat-trapping, Zélia reported that she had rescued a badly treated, pregnant gypsy dog. “She found a new owner whilst the dog was being SNiP’d and it is now happily in a new home!” Attagirl!

Markers! Monday 6th May Pop-Up Shop ‘O Tasco’. Piri-Piri day! Book direct (+351) 282 471 769. Sunday 19 May Anita’s Super-duper Mad Hatter’s Buffet Lunch Garden Party Members 20€/Non 22€. Potted-Plants on sale.* 24 May Pop-Up classics at Manu’s (AKA Pescadora) Figueira including model boats All aboard! Sunday 12 May Ferragudo Car Boot Sale, weather permitting! New recipe jams and preserves. Watch for more ‘Pop-Up’ and events info.

Can’t do a ‘Pop-Up’ or event? Visit APAA’s Charity Shops in Alvor and Silves. Ornaments, duvets, rugs, and larger household items. Furniture. Friendly staff on site to chat and help. Save a trip? For special info on what’s in stock or looking for something specific email Jenny. Checkout Facebook.

All funds raised by APAA maintain cat colonies and abandoned often injured dogs. With SNiP APAA’s ongoing Spaying & Neutering Programme. APAA always looking for good ideas, cat food donations contact Jenny. See Contacts below. Lend a hand. Volunteers for Team APAA, are always made to feel welcome. Part of the team.

Anita’s Mad Hatter’s lunch; Book with Jenny (+351) 919 041 903 Also a chance to talk to ‘Holistic’ Paul (event fully booked!).

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