Spaying & neutering animals (SNiP) is the key to APAA’s survival. “All our profits go to SNiP. One way or another it is the money that keeps our funds available to not only us, but other charities and shelters in need of our support.” The box of goodies? “Chutneys, jams, pickles, marmalades.” Really? And cookies. Of course. “All home-made. With love and an eye on the profit margin.” Realistically, all their goodies’ profits go to the feral cat-colonies or abandoned animals. “One way or another our goody box will be a sure seller at all our ‘Pop-Ups’, events and in our charity shops.” Jenny knows they make excellent gifts, a trio in a basket perhaps? A collection for a Summer or Christmas hamper. Spicy Pear & Sultana, Beetroot & Orange, Lemon & Ginger, Mulled Wine Apple, just a few! “All year-round best-sellers. Eye-catching spots, seasonally dressed for the occasion. “A mid-summer luncheon saver. Cheeses, cold meats, fresh bread.” Christmas afters. Booked!

Happy families, at both ends of the spectrum. Summer smiles. Winter warmers. Dumped. “Our hotline tragically alerted us to a possible, trio being ‘put-down’ as they say.” Jenny’s face is grim. “People, have pets to fill holes in their lives. If something goes wrong, a split, illness a huge problem when pets are in the family home.” Fortunately, children, are, equally dispensed around the family at such a time. Animals are not so lucky. “If only, we as humans, could exercise some compassion, even at the hardest of times. It would go a long way.” APAA’s motto ‘Here to Help’ can. But you can too.

‘The Garden’ hosts for APAA’s final Pop-Up on Friday 28th June 12-3pm. A café known for its gourmet-style approach to its Vegan & Vegetarian Snacks, and pastries. Go for it! Goodies, jewellery, sunshine gifts.

Charity shops at Alvor and Silves, are always full to busting with bargains and goodies throughout the year. Check out Alvor’s new boutique-style makeover. Summer clothes galore. All funds raised are for SNiP (Spaying & Neutering Programme), for feral cat colonies and abandoned dogs. If you want to help, with money-raising charitable ideas for events, near you. Don’t just think about it. Please, pick up your phone, and drop them an email. “We love to have new faces to join team APAA. Every second you give counts.

APAA Jenny: (Full list and prices of ‘Edible Goodies’).

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