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The Dutch brothers have been visiting Portugal since they were 10 years old. “Our uncle and aunt have a house here, so almost every summer we’d come on holiday,” Max and Sem told The Portugal News.

After graduating, Max worked in dredging for five years. Sem studied interior design. When the brothers were presented with an opportunity to take on their own project, they began to pursue a new exciting future elsewhere: Portugal.

Luxury Dutch furniture manufacturer Life Outdoor Living was looking to open a store there and the brothers saw the chance. “It was a big step, but we figured why not. We’re young and wanted to go for it. We researched other furniture stores but the difference is in our variety. Our brand has so many options to mix and match.”


“I worked for a big supermarket in the Netherlands, driving trucks to save money,” Sem recalled. “We started talking about this project a year ago. In September we drove to Portugal to find a store. The plan was to look around for two weeks. We called brokers and real estate managers but had a hard time getting help. We wanted to rent, not buy, and weren’t taken seriously because of our age”, added Max.

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The Hunt

“The N125 is a good location with lots of passing traffic”, explained Max and Sem. A real estate agency in Quinta do Lago helped the brothers. The agent showed a building next to their current location. “It was empty, but we noticed a sign: “future installations” and realised someone had already acquired it!”

Max and Sem started their hunt by visiting next door. The receptionist gave the number of the property owner but it led nowhere. “We drove up and down the N125 for days and found a store we thought was closing out. Men working there let us view it. We measured up and they made fun of us, but we had a plan.”

Then a contact in the Netherlands phoned with good news about a place on the N125. It turned out to be the very building they had visited earlier! “It was astonishing because we’d been there the day before. But it was a different company and everything was gone.”


“On November 5th, 2023 we moved to Portugal and started a three-month reconstruction project, creating a 350 square metre outdoor decking zone for display. Then we cleared the building, refurbished it, and have a modern indoor showroom and office.”

Slings Outdoor Living provide quality at an affordable price. They can customise frames, textures, and colours and offer 45 sets to choose from. “We give a personal touch and can change designs to a customer’s liking and make an idea happen,” Max and Sem add.

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Dutch Brothers

“We’re like Ying and Yang: different, but we balance each other out. It adds to the business. We’ve always wanted to work together, so when this opportunity came along, we couldn’t pass it up,” they explained.

“We wanted to build something for ourselves… happily, the first month started well,” they conclude. “We’re offering something in high demand: outdoor living. We’re the only ones selling this brand in Portugal...”

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