During the day, Guimarães unfolds its full splendour, revealing cobblestone alleys and squares where life unfolds at a leisurely pace.

At the heart of the city, Guimarães' historic centre is the preferred area for all. During the day, the streets come alive with craft shops, cosy cafes, and art galleries inviting contemplation as local artists showcase their works to tourists who enjoy a unique atmosphere.

As night approaches, Guimarães transforms, revealing a vibrant and pulsating bohemian side.

Largo do Toural becomes the meeting point of nightlife with its lively bars, cosy restaurants, and music echoing through the cobblestone streets. Young and old come together to share stories, laughter, and experiences, in a celebration of life and culture. Here, there is no room for generational conflict as ages merge with the flow of conversation.

Moreover, the historic architecture surrounding the square adds a special charm to the city, creating a unique atmosphere that blends the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary.

During the day, Largo do Toural unveils its architectural and historical beauty. Its landscaped squares, surrounded by historical and colourful buildings, provide a charming setting for a relaxed stroll. Cafes and restaurants are still open, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor meal or a coffee break while observing local life.

Families explore historical nooks while culture enthusiasts immerse themselves in museums and exhibitions. At night, university students mingle with locals and tourists, creating a bustling atmosphere of creativity and community spirit.

Guimarães, once known for its historic past, is now much more than that. The city has modernised with the arrival of students and residents alike. Both day and night, the streets are bustling, and the "party" quickly takes hold. Guimarães is a charming and captivating city that easily captivates our hearts with its authentic charm and contagious energy.

Social life in Guimarães is a blend of tradition and modernity, but what truly gives the city its special and unique character is the soul and energy of its vimaranense people.


Cláudia Ferreira, who holds a degree in Communication Sciences from Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, is currently serving as the assistant director and commercial representative at Casaiberia.

Cláudia Ferreira