This time, the game will have four different approaches, as described in a statement sent to The Portugal News. Starting with the “Teatro Imersivo”, which is configured as a “theatrical play that makes the audience insert themselves so deeply into the fiction that they become part of it.” At this point, there will be interactions between the cast and the audience, “blurring the boundaries between reality and fantasy.”

After the play, participants are invited to enter the “Escape Room”, which requires “the participants’ intelligence and cunning to unravel riddles and overcome obstacles that block their way into the bowels of the sanatorium.” Leaving the “Escape Room”, there is the “Passagem do Terror”, where there will be “moments of pure fright and adrenaline”, and where everything will be completely orchestrated “to keep the participants on the edge of the abyss.”

The experience ends with the “Jogo ‘Live Action’”, where participants are part of the narrative, having “only three lives”, which could end if the wrong choices are made.

According to Produções Imersivas, it is important to pay attention to every detail of the story, “as the enigmatic characters provide vital clues”, leaving players under pressure, where they will have to “decipher riddles amid fear, panic, anxiety, stress, and breakneck rhythms.”

In a statement, the organisation said that the game is aimed at people from 18 years old and will last 90 minutes per session. Between 31 May and 1 July, the sessions run from 8.20 pm to 1 am.

Located on Municipal Road 507-1 (EM507-1) in Camarante, the event allows groups of 12 participants per session, for €25 per person. Tickets and more information can be requested via email: or by calling 932 942 400. Tickets can also be purchased via Ticketline


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